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Our Patients Say It Best

The scan is quick, easy, and very affordable. The entire process took about 15 minutes. Based on the results, which showed soft plaque in my arteries, my doctor referred me to a cardiologist, who put me on medication that has dropped my cholesterol levels to lower than what is considered normal for an adult male. I believe having the carotid scan done added years to my life.


As a 30 year old with a family history of heart disease and strokes I wanted to know if I was putting down plaque in my arteries. The C-IMT scan showed that my arteries are very healthy with no plaque. It is a huge relief to have this information.


I am a 65 year old woman with high cholesterol, a strong family history of stroke and heart attacks on the female side of my family, and an inability to tolerate statin medications. I was hesitant to get the C-IMT scan for fear of the results. Nevertheless, on my 64th birthday I took the plunge and got the C-IMT scan. It was the best gift I have ever given myself. The scan showed that I have the arteries of a healthy 33 year old with only the smallest amount of plaque. My cardiologist put me on Repatha and my LDL’s dropped by 100 points in the first month. An unexpected, but most welcome, gift has been a big improvement in my cognition and my memory since starting the Repatha. I could not recommend the C-IMT scan more highly.


Thank you for the arterial scans I received from your practice. My father died of a heart attack at 50, and heart disease runs in my family. Hence, paying attention to heart health is important to me. The information I received from you has proven invaluable to my primary care physician and my cardiologist. Thank you for what you do!


My doctor recommended I have a carotid artery scan as part of my last annual check-up. I’ve never been diagnosed with elevated cholesterol levels, so I was surprised that my scan revealed a plaque buildup. That was disturbing initially. In short order, the information from the scan report allowed my doctor to begin treating this condition with meds that have improved my cholesterol levels and also appear to be helping me with extremity circulation issues I’ve experienced for the last few years. I appreciate the information you provided.


If it weren’t for my good neighbor, Don Walford, I might not be here today. Don told me last summer about a badly underused device he knew about that measured plaque buildup in carotid arteries. I had a heart scan the year before, and the news on that front was good but, based on what Don told me, I thought I should get my neck check-up as well. Did it hurt? No. Did it take a long time? No. Was it as easy as a neck rub? Yes. My carotid arteries, it turned out, were both blocked by 80+ %, but thanks to surgery they are cleaned out now and I have, I believe, many years ahead of me. Would I have such good prospects without Don’s advice? I doubt it.


An amazing technology that detected soft plaque in my arteries, which I would never have known about otherwise.This type of plaque puts me at a much greater risk of developing serious heart disease.